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Grundfos KPC600A Automatic Submersible Pumps for Fish Pond and Fountain Pump
Price RM1,163.00 RM1,530.00
Product SKU Grundfos KPC600A
Brand Grundfos
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  • Compact, easy-to-handle form makes it a portable pump 
  • Ideal for gardening, fish pond and hobbies in general.
  • Stainless steel screws and rotor shaft
  • Liquid quality requirements : Gray water without fibres
  • Minimum water depth : 175mm

Grundfos Submersible Pump KPC 

Specially designed for automatic operating in a fixed applications in domestic use, like basement drainage or garages which are subject to flooding. This KPC pump is compact and easy-to-operate from making it a portable pumps for emergency situations, such as lifting water from a water tank or river, emptying swimming pools, fountains, excavations and underpasses. Also ideal for gardening, fish pond and hobbies in general.

KPC 600 A

Product number 98864015

Suitable for

  • Commercial wastewater
  • Domestic wastewater

Submersible Grundfos Drainage Pumps (DP) cover a motor range of 0.9-2.6 kW. The pumps are fitted with a semi-open multi-vane impeller capable of handling solids up to 10 mm size.


**PLEASE note** that different model of KPC pump have different requirement for minimum water depth for placing the pump

KPC 24/7 210 : 8mm
KPC 300A : 85mm
KPC 600A : 175mm


Minimum space for the float switch

The pumps require 5 cm free space between the float switch and the wall. The free space ensures free movability of the float switch.

KPC 600a Performance Curve