Building Heat Pump
Building Heat Pump
Building Heat Pump

Heat Pump Water Heating for Hotel, Hospital, Industrial and Commercial Building.

Waterco Heat Pump Water Heater Malaysia- Electroheat Hot Water System (HWS) adopts heating methodology via ambient air source. With air possesses excellent trait in absorbing and transferring energy, the HWS is a highly efficient mean of water heating. Due with its low operating cost, the power consumption of Waterco Heat Pump HWS makes up only a minimal portion of the power utilized by conventional heating approach such as natural gas and electric. Waterco Heat Pump Malaysia HWS also resulted in little carbon emission, which makes it an environmentalfriendly method of producing hot water.


  • The function of Waterco Electroheat Hot Water Heat Pump system is to heat up water. It can be used residential houses to provide hot water for showers, baths, and general household use. 

Industrial & Commercial - 

  • Hotels and Resorts: The heat pump can be used to heat up the large number of showering, baths, Spa, Jacuzzi and kitchen use.

  • Food and Beverage Industry: The most efficient and cost saving choice for heating water used in food processing, sanitation, and kitchen operations.

  • Hostel and School: Heat up the large number for showering and Kitchen use

  • Industrial Processes: Many manufacturing processes require precise temperature control. Waterco HWS can provide consistent temperature with energy saving 


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Waterco Electroheat HWS Heat Pump System

Waterco Heat Pump Electroheat HWS is a cost effective heating solution to cater the need of hot water in household, hospitality, healthcare and food processing sector.. The energy saving technology adopted by HWS utilizes minimal energy to produce great amount of heat.

Cost effective heating • The heating load utilized by HWS only lies from operating the compressor and fan with low amperage. In comparison to other means of heating water, Waterco HWS saves up to 83% over propane gas, 58% over natural gas and more than 500% over electric heaters in terms of power consumption.

Energy efficient heating • Waterco HWS only uses portion of the energy used by gas and electric heaters to produce the same amount of heat. Unlike solar heating, the HWS does not rely on the presence of sunlight for heat.

Environmentally-friendly • The R417a used in the HWS as heating media is a high performance refrigerant, and at the same time being Ozonefriendly as compared to other conventional refrigerants.

Hot water on demand • Storing of heated water inside a tank assures the availability of hot water for various application.


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